YTWe all want to be a Social Media Rock star.
Here are some tips to make the most out of your YouTube Channel and become the SM guru you want to be.

1. Make the videos viral, and spread them to as many websites as possible.
2. Use other social media sites like Twitter and Digg to post your videos.
3. Create well thought out, professional style videos that are edited properly.
4. Make sure the sound on your videos is clear and mixed and edited well so
users can clearly hear it.
5. Keep content funny, engaging, and informative so viewers will watch it from
beginning to end.
6. Try to keep the videos you create clean without too much controversial
7. Embed your logo and website into the video somehow. You can do this with
text at the end or beginning, or by including your logo or URL throughout the
entire video.
8. Have goals for your YouTube videos, but remember that there are thousands
of videos on the site, and some have millions of hits while others only have a
couple hundred. Set realistic goals.
9. Make sure you have good camera and editing equipment. If you don’t want to
sink the money into these things, consider hiring a professional.
10. Keep the resolution of the video as high as possible, so it’s as clear as it can
11. Think about overall color schemes. Some videos may record in a yellow or
red hue. This can affect viewer’s opinions subliminally, so try to keep the
colors realistic.
12. Be yourself. Do not lose sight of the purpose and mission of the video. Be
yourself and loosen up when speaking.
13. Remember that nothing is perfect in online videos unless you have a
professional editor, so just have fun and keep the goal in mind.
14. Practice before posting the final video. Do a few dry runs before taping and
15. Create a series of ongoing videos or stories, so users will be hooked and
want to learn more.

Try using a few of these tips and see how your engagement and community will grow.

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