We all have “a guy” we go to when we need help. Think about your life – do you have a mechanic you faithfully take your cars to for inspections? Or maybe a hairdresser who knows your style preferences and always remembers to ask how your kids are doing.

We support those businesses, and continue going back, because we trust those people and can rely on them. They’re there when we need them and help fill a need in our lives.

But what if they weren’t reliable? What if we scheduled appointments with them and they didn’t show up? That would probably be the last time we used their services.

That’s because respect for time matters in business.

But does time always matter?

Time: When You Should Pay Attention to It

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you know there’s always lots to do and not enough time to do it. Prioritizing is a must-have skill so you can use your time wisely.

Time matters when it comes to providing a service or product to your customers.

While this seems like common sense, we’ve all had experiences when it didn’t seem like the customer was the top priority.

This became painfully obvious last week when our go-to doggie spa completely missed the mark with our pup, Emmy. We send her to the spa every week. Last week she was due to get her teeth brushed, which meant no breakfast.

Usually, this isn’t a big deal – the spa prioritizes the teeth brushing in the morning so our pup doesn’t have to go long waiting for breakfast.

And then last week, we waited and waited and waited for the spa to pick Emmy up. They didn’t show up until noon.

The entire situation is disappointing from a customer standpoint: our dog was hungry and didn’t understand why we weren’t feeding her. And our trust and loyalty to this spa has eroded a bit – all because of one time management mistake.

The lesson learned here: If you make an appointment, schedule, date or meeting, be on time for that. Your business could depend on it.

Time: When to Stay Away from Clocks

Another well-known concept in business and entrepreneuship is unplugging; backing away from all electronics connecting you to the world, like your cell phone and computer.

We find that the weekend is the perfect time for that. Blocking out time with no appointments or responsibilities is an excellent way to recharge yourself.

And its in those moments, when we’re giving Emmy extra belly rubs, that time doesn’t matter so much. It’s pauses in our lives when being present, relaxing, and appreciating all we have, without obligation to serve a customer, that help us be ready to serve our clients 100% during the week.






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