YTYou Tube: The idea of visual social media started with the push of videos. With the birth of You Tube and many other video sties, people could quickly view a 2 minute or less video and about your company’s services and products. They are great for explaining how to use products through a visual medium. Many even use the medium to help educate the public about everything from how to change you oil in your car to how to build a rocket. You Tube and the other offer a variety of videos literally for everyone.

Squidoo: This Social Media is a great place to find informative articles, term papers to great recipes. The user can browse by area of interest to find all sorts of information about that particular topic. The user can share the information, print the information or simple read the information and move on.

Slide Share: This Social Media allow people to show presentations about their products and services. It is a great location to introduce your company to a large audience. There is neither time limit nor size limitation; you can quickly upload a quality presentation for the community to see. This is also a great way to introduce new products or information about your company.

Pinterest: This is the newest Social Media to hit the markets. This media uses graphic image sharing to engage the community. This has been a dream media for fashion designers and storefronts to bring their products to the main stream quickly and cheaply. It is a great way to gauge potential customer opinions on a product as well. With a 70% woman audience, it is also one of the best places to “sell” and connect to the female buying base.

Using any of the above Visual Social Medias can greatly help you sell your product and services to the world. While you can decide to post and use all of them, the key is again, keep it consistent. People like to see new content. Make sure you dedicate the time to the ones you decide to use.

If you need help with making a video, slide presentation or documents please feel free to contact Your Virtual Assistants. We have a team of experts from Graphic Artists to Advertising Experts to help you quickly and easily make the most of these Social Medias. Please use our contact page so that we can call and discuss how we can help you today!

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