Supporting You and Your Business at a Higher Level

Does This Sound Familiar?





Your business gives your life passion and meaning. It’s your pride and joy; the reason you get up and go every day.

So the last thing you need is for your Virtual Assistant or another vendor to disappear.


Poof. Gone. You’ve been ghosted.




Or maybe you have been one of the many who have hired a Virtual Assistant, spent hours training them and getting them familiar with your business, only to later have them start putting your stuff on a back burner because they are


too busy with other clients to get to your projects on time.









or maybe you are overwhelmed by your growing business and you are spending more time keeping track of your new projects, daily tasks and your team members

instead of focusing on your passion.  



When You Are Ready to Reach the Next Level in Your Business…

We Will Be There To Lend You A Hand!

Your Virtual Assistants holds a stellar reputation for supporting businesses. We are now offering a special VIP Care Package where you are guaranteed:

So What Makes This Different?

You can trust that the tasks you need done by Your Virtual Assistants are completed so you can focus on your passion, your life – your business.

So you finally made it this far but now you are spending more time on the day to day tasks.  You are now slowly losing the joy of running your own business and are now spending more time trying to manage the business instead of growing your business.

If only you had the free time:

  • to accept more speaking engagements
  • to attend to  client calls
  • to produce more products
  • to properly manage your Facebook group
  • or just plain spend more time with your partner or family.


That is why we are offering you this incredible package!

This package will allow you to use our team as you need us and HOW you need us.

Use our On Line Business Manager services:

  • to get those SOPs out of your head and down on paper
  • to manage your growing team
  • to manage all of your daily tasks
  • to achieve your sales goals
  • to implement systems to help automate your business
  • to hire new team members when needed
  • to set up new sales funnels

and use our VA services

  • to build your sales pages
  • to update your website
  • to manage your sales cart
  • to brand your message
  • to communicate your message via Social Media
  • plus lots of other tasks

You get both services for the SAME MONTHLY price.

Plus NO OBM Commissions for your first year!

Don’t take our word for it…

Mary Meston
High Performance Coach

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