VAs today are always looking for new services to offer to their clients and make more money. Here we will be offering some great new tools that you can use to quickly and easily offer new VALUABLE services to you clients.

This post will be to all the tools to assist you with Video Marketing.

With the new search indexes and Google’s purchase of You Tube, video has become an important medium and almost a “must have” marketing tool. Most VAs shy away from this great service because they have little technical talent and just think this will be too hard and too expensive. The fact is there are some GREAT tools that just got released to make video marketing easier than ever.

VideoMakerFX- This is one of the easiest tools out there to make whiteboard and animated videos. This program has a lot of templates that you can use. Simply pick one and change the text and you are done! ANYONE can do this. If you want to see more on this great new and CHEAP ( only $67.00)  software- click here.   Also make sure you note that if you plan on selling the videos to your clients. you will need to upgrade to the Developer’s license.

Easy Sketch Pro: This is another great program for making hand drawn videos in a flash. The cost is very affordable, only $39.00.  It will take a little longer to learn than the VideoMakerFX, however it will provide a great video foundation to help you market your product or service. There are great tutorials and adds for this program to help you make the most of this program. Also make sure you note that if you plan on selling the videos to your clients. you will need to upgrade to the Developer’s license.

PowToon:  This a monthly or yearly membership program. It is another quick and easy way to create animated videos similar to the VideoMaker FX. It also offers extensive training and a wide variety of templates to use for your videos. Prices start at $19.00  a month but you need to pay for the the year in advance. There is also a limited free version that you can use if you want to play with the program before making the purchase.

Prezi: This is actually a slide presentation software however, the slides can be set to change automatically and you can download and use as a video with a little bit of effort. Again there are several templates that you can use to set the foundation of your video. Change the text and then simply download . The only thing with this program is you will need a screen capture program like Camtasia Studio, Ezvid, Best Free Screen Capturer, Screenr or CamStudio. With this screen capture you will then be able to produce or convert the to video and post.  Not as simple as the other 3 options, but it is another great way to share your products and services. It also a great alternative to Powerpoint.  Prices start at $4.25 a month or $59 a year.


All of the above tools allow you to add music and many of them allow you to also do voice overs if you want to record you voice for demonstration or other purposes.

I also want to mention a few of the complement programs you can use to also make some great video programs

Logo Creator: The great little program make graphic design easy. For the $17.00 is it WELL WORTH the money. There are also tons of add on packs to allow you to create people, animals, icons and a tons of other graphics. Most of it is drop and drag and allows you to quick make graphic images to use for blog posts or convert to to use in your video presentations. Although it does not make a video, it is a great complement to the video tools. There are also add on packs for this software. One is the Character creator and the other is for business cards and other business themes.

VideoMakerFX has a theme club you can join for $27 a month where you can receive new templates every month to use for you and your clients. If you just want a 1 time purchase, you can just order the pro themes pack.

SVG Add on packs for Easy Sketch Pro are also available.  There is also a lite version available. The lite pack is only $5.00 and the pro is only $10. Also if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator, you are able to covert many of your graphic stock to the  required .SVG extension

Whiteboard Bundles: There are templates to use for your VideoMaker FX and other video software. There is also a monthly membership in case you plan on doing these on a regular basis.

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