Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.

Valerie, Johnna and Joel were the founders and co-owner of Computers 101 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for over 9 years. After the economic downturn in the US, many younger American began moving to Mexico and setting up shop as “computer experts” causing the number of computer techs had simply overwhelmed the existing market. After several strategy sessions, Computers 101 made the decision to entirely change the business model from an in-home computer and web site design services business to a virtual assistance company whose primary mission is providing all types of services to small and mid-sized companies.

Your Virtual Assistants was founded at the end of 2010.

Today, Your Virtual Assistants has five team members and a growing client base. As a way to introduce ourselves to our client base, we have decided to take this time out to allow you to get to know our team better. Every two weeks will will highlight of out team members. This week we will be featuring Johnna Londen. Johnna Londen moved to Mexico with her husband roughly 8 years ago. She started working as a ESL teacher in San Miguel de Allende. After Computers101 quickly began expanding its client base, she made a professional decision to join then Computers101 team as a computer technician and assist with the client calls and put her AA in Network Engineering to work for her.


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She enjoys music, exercising, movie watching as well as reading. She and her husband currently own 3 dogs; a Rat Terrier named Tuesday and a German Sheppard named Estrella and a Fox Terrier named Chiquita. She also just recently lost over 80 pounds-Congratulations!!

Check back again on the Your Virtual Assistants Blog page to find out more about the team and Your Virtual Assistants news.

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