Meet the Your Virtual Assistants Team.


This edition we are introducing you to Joel Londen. Joel is our Graphic Design and Web Design “go to” guy. He has a great eye for design and is not the average designer.Joel Londen

Why Joel is vital to the Your Virtual Assistants team

He is known for thinking outside the box and gives a unique creative flair to all of his work. When not working, Joel is an avid computer game player. He also enjoys music (all different types) as well as an avid Food Network TV viewer. He is one who is comfortable in the kitchen and enjoys trying new flavors. He and his wife, Johnna, have been in San Miguel for over 8 years.

Other Virtual Assistants Team News

Your Virtual Assistants Team is pleased to announce that we are starting to get certified in special Virtual Assistants Areas. Please check out more on our Services page.

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