This week marks the big gear up for Christmas and New Years in our house, How do I know this you ask?

Well my human dad pulls out all the boxes from our overstuffed garage and starts putting up the blinky shiny things I think we call them lights. And then he adds the blow up Santa and all of the others (I will share a little secret with you one of my human moms is kind of addicted to these things and I think they are cool too but I would never tell her that). Then my human moms start having quiet little discussion while looking at ads papers or online stores and this year like all the others since I found myself part of this family I start to think of all the cool things I would like to have.

And as we start to watch our marathon of Christmas movies, which I watch with my eyes closed most of the time, I cannot help but think of all those who will not get the joy of waking up on Christmas and seeing all they had wished for Santa to bring them or for that matter even one the things they wished to receive.

As you all know, I was not always as lucky as I am now (and yes I know how blessed I am) I was homeless and unsure what I would have to eat if anything from day to day. I could not even imagine thinking of gifts or toys those were luxuries that did not even cross my mind.

So this year while you are getting ready to spend your holiday with your family and share in all the gifts and blessings you have received this year, take a minute a share those with somebody who might not get to have the special feeling on Christmas without your help.

Make a child smile on Christmas morning, “Today give a stranger on of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” – H.Jackson Brown Jr.

I am asking you to make a small donation to and see the smiles that will last all year for those children who might not otherwise get to smile on Christmas morning:

Toys for Tots is a Top-Rated Charity

Over 97% of your donations goes to our mission of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children.

Less than 3% is spent on fundraising and overhead.

So little can make such a difference in the world.


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