I know it has been a while since I have shared with you all, this is your favorite canine Emmy keeping it real.

So let’s talk. A lot has changed in my life. I lost both my sisters and was really sad but then I got two new sisters and they are awesome…a little annoying but awesome none the less. And once I accepted this change, I found out that I wanted to play like a puppy again.


We now live in our new house. My parents bought it last year and now they are always changing and adding things.  I do not understand this concept, but it makes them happy, so I let them have their fun. You know humans like their “stuff”. So with this change, I have now been promoted to Construction foreman. This is a major change for me as it means less naps (which I was not at all happy about) and more stair climbing, but it is not all bad.  I now get more time with my parents, so the trade-off was worth it.

I will let you in a little known secret when my parents are busy I sneak naps in and sometime I even convince my sisters to fill in so I can slink away for a quick siesta in the afternoon.

But the important things have not changed, I am loved and happy in my life, even with all the new things that have happened or been added to my world. So not all change is bad, even if it seems like it at the time. And the more things change the more they stay the he same life will still continue daily. You still are the one that controls how you deal with it.

How about you?

Are there changes happening in your life or business?

How are you handling them?

Are you lost or unsure where to go with the new business changes you want to see happen or are happening?

Stop and think about it all. Even though life changes, there is always a so called silver lining. Even if at the time you cannot see it for the dark cloud caused by the change and upheaval.

For those of you who have made a change, see a change in your business coming, are not sure what you need to do to see this become a success, or those who need to make a change in their team to become more successful, I recommend you check this out.

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