Welcome to a new week! This week we’ll be talking about that opt-in list that keeps getting hinted at, but hasn’t really been fully explored. There are many great ways to get a good list. You can spend weeks researching all the various ways and by all means do so if you desire! No harm ever came from research and as always, here are some great tips that have been found quite useful and has brought in and kept subscribers.

Building a list of eager readers.

Once people have experienced your great service and products, they’re going to want to be part of a subscriber list. Chance are they’re going to want to keep up to date on your business events and new products. They may even recommend you and your products/services to others, and those others may also become subscribers. Then hopefully customers.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what an opt-in list can offer your customers, here’s a short list. Promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogs and such that could keep them updated about your site or the niche of your site. These promotional materials are sent via e-mail to the members of the list in different time intervals. Remember that autoresponder thing mentioned here a couple weeks ago?

Money saving tool.

Email marketing and advertisements eliminate the high costs of these services if you did them the traditional ways. If you can create your own promotional adverts and put together newsletters and catalogs, then there is more savings for you. With the opt-in list you know the materials you are sending out are welcomed, viewed and read. They’re not going to be discarded as they may be with expensive mailed out adverts.

This also keeps those customers’ reminded that you are out there with all those wonderful services and products. Sending out adverts around gift giving holidays is especially useful if you have products that may be gifted. Or services that can be offered. Include a little opt-in button on the bottom of each message you send out. This way you can get those who had your email forwarded to them on your list as well.

If your subscribers become unsatisfied with your emails, they may unsubscribe. Keep them excited to see your name or your business name in the ‘From” field of their inbox.

Try this.

Make your promotional materials interesting and fun.

Be professionally artistic. Don’t go too artsy if your product and services do not revolve around art. And don’t add anything that could be considered offensive to anyone. Build around your niche. If that happens to be your own work, show off new pieces. Display and talk about your latest book. Unless you sell or review car parts, having Lamborghini wing doors for any make or model will not make sense.

Research what people are looking for.

It’s good to stay a step ahead whenever possible. You’ll stick out greatly if you showcase that new item and they start seeing that item being talked about everywhere. This also makes your subscribers feel like they too will be one step ahead if they keep getting your emails.

Write good articles.

Informational but light. Humorous with just enough seriousness. Whatever your niche may be, you already know how their minds work. Just remember that you’re a customer also; what is it you like about those who you subscribe to use. If the material you send is well written and enjoyable, your site is going to be getting visitors. Be diverse in the material. No one wants a never ending newsletters filled with humor all the time. Keep them guessing (in the good way) and they’ll be opening those emails and hitting your site.

Not a writer?

Don’t worry. Not everyone can write articles even when they are passionate and know well the subject of the article. There are professional, experienced writers out there who, for a minimal fee will write for you. Upwork is a good place to take a look at if you are thinking along these lines. Writer Access is another place you may want to check. Both these places also hire writers if you are on the other side of this problem. I have not used either one of these services, so I cannot recommend them professionally.

Free E-book.

Even if you are selling your own books, a little reference manual for the books, services, products you sell can go a long way. If you have expertise in something your niche may find useful, put it in an ebook. Offer it for free and have links to your site and social media in the front and back of the book. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Just a useful thing, perhaps something you wish you had when you started in your niche. Then share this everywhere you can. Not just your subscribers – although give it to them first then wait a few days before handing it out elsewhere.

Everyone loves coupons.

If you can, add a e-coupon in your newsletters towards the end of them. Especially around events and holidays. People will look for your email if they think there is a chance of getting some more discounts from you. Make them work a little for it. Have it at the end of the email so you know that the ones who use it read the email or newsletter to the end. If you’re curious to how many people read your material, put the coupon in text form that can only be found if it is read.

A word of caution: Have a control system in place so that the coupon can only be used once. Simply adding an expiration date will not keep people from using it beyond that date. Those with the know-how can easily by pass many such obstacles in order to use a coupon more than once or beyond it’s expiration.

When your subscribers get something out of your emails they will continue to want to get them. You don’t have to do something spectacular for each and every email, just keep the interest alive so that they can get to that spectacular email.

Grab your readers with your subject line.

How often have you inadvertently been signed up to a list? When all you wanted was a free product, a discount or quick information. Or even when the site only had one thing you were interested in but they signed you up for their mailing list? I don’t know about you, but I can get lazy and just delete the email without reading, without unsubscribing. And sometimes with hitting that nifty spam button, especially if I never wanted to sign up in the first place.

Get that email open.

Just because people have signed up, doesn’t mean that every single person reads the emails you send. Which may be fine every so often. But if enough people are passing them over, you’re not getting anyone to your site. You’ll eventually start feeling like you are producing these emails for nothing. You want the people to read your emails and their curiosity piqued. Interested in going to your site and take a look, not to mention buy something. Getting people to always open that email isn’t easy.

Start with a well written, well thought out subject line. Usually people are not going to just open the email because it has your name or business in the ‘from’ line. Not if they’ve been long time subscribers. The subject line could very well be the most important tool in your arsenal.

Your subject must be short and concise.

Provide the summary for the content right at the beginning. This allows the reader know what they can expect inside. You want their attention to be grabbed instantly and that mouse cursor to click on your email. It’s your niche, you already have the keys on what would intrigue them. Usually it’s the same or close enough to what would intrigue you. Make sure you deliver however. Nothing upsets a person more than being tricked into clicking on something. No one likes click-baits.

Do a little tickling.

Tickle their curiosity. Force them to open that email! Emotions are the easiest to use to ignite them and get them to open your email. Use specific words to get the reaction you need. Subscribers only spend a few seconds looking over each subject of their emails. Use forms in your subjects. Things like ‘How to’ or ‘tips’ and even ‘Guide to’ may be enough to get them to click to open.

Question Them.

Are you tired of your subscribers not reading your emails? Stay on topic with what your subscribers signed up for. This can be quite effective as they reach out to those emotions. Once they have read the question, their minds will already be answering it.

Command Them.

Statements that tell them to do something for something else. Open and see what you can do with a ball of string. A subject like that would get someone to open the email. Who wouldn’t want to know what you could do with a ball of string? Just be cautious using commands as they do not always sit well with people.

This just in!

Breaking news can be a good way to let your subscribers know about a new item or product. Stay away from “You wouldn’t believe…” type of statements as those are used by clickbait sites and people tend to delete them without looking at them any closer. If it is tailored for your niche and interest, it should be able to get the subscribers to open the email.

Anything that would intrigue them, make them curious, peak their interest. You know your niche, use it to your advantage!

List Building Articles

Just below quality and excellence of your brand and product you should have the importance of getting people to your site. No one can buy anything if they never visit. Once they are there they need to have a great experience or they will not return. In addition to that eyeball catching subject line, you need those well written articles that fulfil whatever promise that subject line gave.

Great articles and useful information also mean people are more likely to share your material with others who are not aware of you and your brand. Which will bring more people to your site and to your list.

The importance of articles

The rise of well written, information enriched and keyword packed articles for site content in addition to newsletters is growing. And it’s just going to get bigger. More people are using the internet to do research and find information. If your site has these articles that are ripe with answers, you are going to increase your traffic. An increase in traffic could also mean the increase in sales and subscribers.

Boost your reputation.

Among many things, great articles will boost your site’s reputation within your niche. If people are going to your site for information and it is good information, people will believe you are an expert. They will also see you as informed and people will trust you. With their trust, they will seek you out for answers. People will purchase products or information from those they trust.

Loyalty of the people.

Loyalty is gained through people trusting what you are saying. If you tell them that this product does something, then they will trust that it does exactly that. If you tell them your novel is a fantasy and it ends up actually being a western romance, people will not trust your word. Many will let you get away with a mistake once in a while. As long as you own up to it the moment it is brought to your attention. And apologize for the mistake.

Loyalty will also bring you new customers. A loyal customer will have your name on their lips the moment someone asks about a certain topic. “Do you know where I can find information about autoresponders?” “Oh you absolutely must check out Your Virtual Assistants blog! They’re quite knowledgeable on them and other topics.”

The obvious must be stated.

While it is quite obvious, it still must be mentioned. You must write articles or commission them to tackle subjects that are closely connected with your type of business. Do not write or include things that have nothing to do with your niche. It makes you less trustworthy and people are not going to recommend or return to your site. Most people search for tips or guidelines, methods, and manuals. If you provide these articles for your niche, and your customers trust you, they will feel better about the information they are reading and know that it is accurate.


Happy subscribers means happy customers which in the end should make you happy. Keep creating interesting articles, subject lines and offering great content and you will grow your list quickly. If you can’t do the writing yourself, then hire good people to do it for you. This is an investment that will pay for itself in no time at all.

Later this week I’ll share with you some things you can do to profit from your lists, good ways to get people to trust you as well as some important things to keep in mind.

If you have used a service to write articles for you, be a loyal customer and leave their information in the comments!

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