SMWith Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many other worldwide targeted social medias, the local social medias are usually forgotten about. These local medias can be very important and highly effective when used. In many cases, they are far more effective than the “Biggies” out there.

Groupon: This social media site is used to drive new customers by offering a discount or coupon to a mass of people to try your product or service. It is available in most major cities around the world. It is great site as well for people who are traveling and want to get a discount on eating, massages, facials and many other things. It is set up by the site offering a DAILY special from an advertiser. This ad offers a discount to all people who want to purchase. The customer pays in advance for the “coupon” and in many cases has up to 6 months to use. You do have to notify the establishment in advance for them to use the coupon.

Foursquare: This social media site is a highly competitive and engaging site. It is designed to have customer “check in” to your place of business. The person that checks in the most will become the “king” of that establishment. The establishment will offer the “king” a special offer only available to them. This sets the people into a competition to see who can overthrow the “king” and become the new “king”. It can be highly effective for stores and restaurants.

Placebologger: This is a social media site to find Local Blog sites. They are great for targeting and keeping in touch with local markets and news. You can also use these sites are guest blogging opportunities to help with the back linking and page ranking.

Google Places: This site helps you get on the Google Map. It is also helpful for the Google ranking of your site. You do have to list your site and have your listing verified with a code that they send you, but is great for being listed in the local search market.

Twellowhood: This is a local social media program for Twitter. This allows you to see only tweets that are about local businesses or events. It is a great way to engage with your local audience and send them information about specials you may have.

These are just a few of the local social media avenues that you can use to either begin you social media marketing or to enhance your current one. These are easy to us for beginners and are not nearly as time consuming as the other Medias.
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