Virtual assistants are at the forefront of the so called New Economy. Their ability to leverage their skills set and at the same time take advantage of working on their own terms is a dream come true that most corporate fiends can only wish for. They own their own time, they work on their own terms, and they manage their work load, making them the masters of their own fate.
But not all is rosy as the next problem faced by virtual assistants is the load of work they receive from various clients and how they can manage their time efficiently. Versus their employed peers who can leave work at the office by 5 p.m. or during the weekends, virtual assistants basically can work overtime just to be able to reach the amount of money they want to achieve to live. But it does not have to be that way.

Here are some ways to beat the non-stop working hours and live more as virtual assistants:

1. Carve time for exercise and leisure.

Having all the work at home and without the need to commute or the time clock to look at, virtual assistants can literally overexert themselves. The best way to eliminate this is by setting vacation leave schedules, and setting specific time for exercise, hobbies, and entertainment. Like work deadlines, the schedule for these activities should be non-negotiable.
Although it may be sort of counterintuitive, having a set number of hours for work can save a virtual assistant’s sanity and establish limits.

When it comes to keeping a healthy body, virtual assistants should invest in exercise. This is because all that sitting can really wreak havoc to their health. Also, especially for those in more creative industries, having a life can be a good way to make them more competitively advantaged. Investing time and energy on enriching activities such as reading and painting for example, makes them more in tuned with their creativity, resulting to better output for client.

2. Have a hero client

Virtual assistants still need to make a living. But instead of taking small projects to achieve the amount of money needed for needs and wants, look instead for a hero client who can provide the most salary for the effort exerted. Think of it as applying the Pareto principle. This ensures a steady and reliable paycheck and helps the virtual assistant focus on providing great service versus constantly looking for clients.

3. Work to your strengths

Another way to make more time is by choosing projects that play to the strengths of the virtual assistant. Not only does it shorten the learning curve, but it also makes the output faster to make since the virtual assistant has a natural affinity to the job at hand.

Aside from one’s strengths, choosing jobs that are related to the person’s passions can be a great productivity boost. Because of the inclination to the work at hand, procrastination is prevented and learning further on the topic makes the virtual assistant a thought leader on it as well.


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