When I saw Pinterest the first time, it reminded me, no doubt, of the the invasion of household refrigerators with multiple pieces of paper that we left our parents or they left us. Memos such as to inform you when we arrived, what had to buy, when, where and what time was a meeting or an appointment. Even sometimes we also “hung a picture.”

PINTEREST (www.pinterest.com) is the now becoming the next hot social media network of the moment. It is growing by leaps and bounds. Basically you can think of it as a bulletin board or whiteboard, where the user places your ad (photo, phrase, graphics, etc.) and making a “pin” on a link. This link will take you to a blog or website. This then causes an influx of visitors to these blogs or websites established.

Because “images” are the heart of the site, it is obvious to conclude that it is a “visual” social network. All companies or businesses are forced to make their products relate to the image. So when using Pinterest, it is essential to choose the picture that “pins” to be the most attractive and draw the attention of potential visitors or customers. If your blog or website is about fashion, footwear, design, photography, real estate or other item that traditionally requires a visual part of “sell” , the struggle to position yourself well can be solved with your Pinterest profile.
But if your company normally does not need “visual” aids to promote your product, do not let this stop you from using this popular media. There are many other visual aids to keep competing. One resource is the graphics. With it you can “pin” graphs, tables, coordinate systems, geographic coordinates or other data to your target audience instead of using traditional photographs. The most important thing is do not miss this great social media opportunity to market for your company.

Another good alternative is the use of videos. Yes, Pinterest does all “pinning” of videos. Pinterest is not just about “pinning” images. Creating your own quality videos, with the possibility that users enjoy the content. It is also great for promoting the advantages or use of your product from this visual. Do not forget that the social media content must be relevant in order to keep up the curiosity.

Pinterest, is a great visual social media network to display your blog content or website. It opens another window to the outside. Pinterest enables users to share your content that “pins” on a great big virtual whiteboard on the internet.

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