We have seen firsthand what social media can do to a business that is just starting up as well as an established business.

One key to Social Media success is taking the time to create your list and to look for the right followers to  connect. You need to have a target audience or preferred customer base to connect and engage with.

But what most forget to do, or do not even realize they need to do,  is find out when that audience is actually engaging in their social media. You can spend all the time you would like on the creating of all the lists,  but if you do not engage and interact with your audience when they are online, all that work has been for nothing. This can leave you wondering why you are getting any results or feedback at all.

There are several different software packages out there to help you not only schedule your posts for your social media but to also find out what are the best times for you to schedule them to make sure they reach your target audience.

For software that can schedule multiple social media sites and easy to use-  Hootsuite is your answer. They have two options a free version and then the paid version which is 5.00 US a month. Either of these software options can fit your needs.

Once you have your scheduling software in place and have all your lists and followers ready, now you need to find out the best times to post for your audience that is where a awesome software called Social Bro comes in to play for you. This software can give you a complete breakdown on when the best times and also best days are for you to posts your social media. It can also tell you if you are following people who are not following you back and has some nice built in follow and unfollow tools.

Nowadays not only do you have to put the time into creating the content and the lists, being organized, being up to date, but also  finding out the best times for your audience are all keys to Social Media success.

I, for one, am grateful for all the new software out there that makes this possible.

For more information on how we can help you with making a successful Social Media plan, contact us today.

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