slider1_image_33Sooner or later you are going to have to market your business or your client’s. Here are some effective and mostly free tools to help you do that.

Press Release Sites-

All of these sites allow free PR submissions. Some of them also offer an upgrade package for a small fee. This upgrade usually includes more distribution and a higher visibility. If you send out several PRs for your client or you are planning to use PRs as a way to market your business, you may want to look into getting a paid subscription.

  • PR Log is an online press release distribution and press release submission service.
  • Open Salon is also a PR submission service
  • Many of the world’s best brands and agencies use My newsdesk’s social media newsrooms and PR platform to tell their stories.
  • EPR Network, part of which is Express-Press-Release.Net, is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web.
  • This is a free web directory, submit your website in this free instant approval directory submission website to get backlink for your website.
  • is the easy way to distribute your press release and increase your online visibility. PressReleaseCircle is a public relations agency specializing in press release distribution service, it offers both free and paid distribution service.
  • Women on Business– Available for woman owned businesses.
  • This is another list of PR submission sites from Mashable.

 Podcast Distribution/Directory Sites

Podcasts are one of the new ways to market yourself and your client. It is an excellent way to build credibility and get your name out to the masses. There are several directories that you can list you podcast on and help get higher visibility.

  • Podcast directories offers listings of podcasts by regions, cities, languages, formats, etc with podcast reviews and popularity rankings.
  • Podcast Alley– Podcast Alley is the podcast lovers portal. Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top 10 podcasts, as voted on by the listeners.
  • iTunes – This is Apple’s directory of Media
  • Podcast Pickle- Think of a podcast as a radio/TV show, except you can enjoy podcasts whenever and wherever you want. Podcasts are about comedy, music, sports, books, politics, walking tours, whatever.
  • Sticher- Listen to Over 10,000 Popular Talk Radio Shows and podcasts On Demand. From news to comedy, listen to what you want when you want it. Stay informed anytime anywhere.

There are numerous of these directories, if you do a Google search you will find the most common ones.

Keyword and SEO Tools

  • tynt™ publisher tools– Not only does this tool allows you to see which keywords people are using to drive people to your site but also what keywords are driving them away from your site. This is a great tool and easy to install for boosting your rankings and traffic to yours or your client’s site.
  •  This is an interesting way to use social media to drive traffic to your site and get your name out there. You simple fill in the information for a free ebaook or other give away- enter a tweet message and send. Any person that that shares your message- gets the free ebook or whatever your freebie is!
  • Google Adwords– This is a great tool for seeing where your keywords rank and what the competition is for your keyword. You can also use it to check what your competitors are using for keywords. The tool will also give you various other suggestions for keywords as well that may be lower in competition. Remember, the lower the competition, the higher you can rank with that keyword.

 Article Submission Sites:

  • Ezine Articles– This is probably one of the oldest and most credible sites out there for submitting articles. They will pre approve all articles before they list them on the sites. The site and the submission service is free.
  • Search Articles is a site that will allow you to submit your article for free as well.
  • Article Alley  is another site similar to EZine Articles in the fact that they must approve the article before posting.

It is important to note- DO NOT submit the same article to all of the sites. If you can, have different ones, instead of just spun articles for each site. This will allow you to rank higher in Google and also look better to the other article submission sites.

Event Broadcasters

As with any event- getting the word out is important. These are some of the sites that let you list your event for free.

  • Eventbrite– This will allow you to publish your event as well as send an email to all enrollees giving them details on the event.
  • Zvents – When you list your site on Zvents, popular sites that use Zvents as their event listing engine pick it up.
  • All Conferences is a conference community encourages social networking and even implements Google, Yahoo and Mapquest maps into the event description. It will let you list sessions (with full descriptions, times, etc.), speakers, and will event let attendees (and prospectives) discuss the event in a dedicated forum and write reviews
  • Facebook– There is an event section to post your event as well. You can only post on your personal profile page- not on your fan page. You can make the event private, via invite or public for all to see.


  • AnyMeeting– This is a great meeting room that you can use for classes or other webinars. There is also a paid plan that will remove the ads but we have been using the free one with no issues. You are also able to record, and download your recordings.
  • GotoMeeting/Webinar– This is an full meeting/webinar room. It can be costly to keep but there is a free version for 30 days that you can use. If you are planning on having a large number of webinars, this may be worth the investment. If not, sign up for the 30 day trial. At some point you are going to need to know how this works most likely for your clients
  • Free Teleconference .com– This only allows you to have the ability to meet via phone- but it is an excellent choice for have weekly meetings with your team or with your client’s team. All of the conversations can also be recorded and shared with other users or attendees afterwards.

Video promotion

There are dozens of sites to load and share you videos to. It is important to keep in mind, like the article sites, you should not just blast one video on all sites. Google likes to see variety in the content for you to rank higher in the engines.

  • YouTube– obviously one of the biggest and most well known of the video sharing sites. Here you can load videos to be show via public or private access. If you are posting for only you website to see, you have the option to make the video private and it will not be listing in the public search engines. This is nice if you want to place a personal video on your site for only that audience to see.
  • Ustream is a site that you can do a live video show. Simular to the podcasting sites, this allows you to host a video show and allow other people to watch and participate.
  • Vimeo– This is another YouTube
  • BroadCam- this is also a live streaming as well as sharing site. There is a free and paid version on this site-

RSS Feeds:

When you are writing blogs- it is important to use the RSS feeds to help blast your blog to the readers. Most of these sites are just blasters, you will enter in the title, location and your contact information. There is also software programs that will auto submit your blog as well.
FeedDemon– and RSSpect Also keep in mind that Google also has a Reader that you can add you blog site to as well.


There are also several pinging sites to help promote new web pages and blog posts to the internet as well.
You can also purchase a wordpress plugins that will automatically ping all new pages and posts.
Pingfarm Index Kings and Pingler are the most common ones. There are more that can be found doing a search as well.


This can be a very important part of your rankings. If you are posting to websites, blogs and forums, you want to make sure that you always include your name and website link on all posts. You can also use Fivver to pay people to do hundreds of backlinks for you. If you have the extra cash, you may want to consider going to Odesk and hiring people on a regular basis to create these links for you. There are numerous people that will do this job for $2-5 USD per hour.
To check your links you can use This will let you know your ranking scores as well as how many links the search engines see to your site.

Wrap up!

Obviously it is important to keep in mind that keeping up with a consistent form of promotion is important. Like the Social Media Promotion, pick one or two type of promotional means and use them on a regular basis. Regular promotion of your company will help with Google Search Rankings and also help get your name out there to the public, build credibility and drive more traffic to your site.


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