LinkedinAre you a internet business owner?
Are you looking for some great tips to making your LinkedIn account work for you and your business?
Try some of these tips and make your LinkedIn account one to be noticed.

1. Check the Expertise Requests option in your profile.
2. Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible, and include interests, an
avatar, and business information.
3. Connect with as many business associates as you can, since they will help
you to network with like minded individuals and companies.
4. Learn from others and gain new knowledge, so you can become an expert in
other subjects and topics.
5. Ask questions.
6. Answer questions. Use your knowledge to your advantage by answering
peoples’ questions thoroughly and expertly, and you’ll gain other users’
7. Check your home page on LinkedIn fairly often. It contains industry updates,
news, and postings from associates.
8. On company profiles, the top five most popular other profiles are displayed on
the home page. This is important since it will show others who you associate
with, so be aware of who your top five are.
9. Choose the top 5 who will link back to you, so there is a reciprocal benefit.
10. Be sure to explain your work experience in as much detail as possible. Don’t
just list employers or experience, but instead expand upon it by showing
others’ what you’ve done in detail.
11. Comment in the discussion forums as much as you can so your profile gets
12. Update your status with useful content and information as much as possible.
13. Feel free to implement keywords in both your profile and your content, so that
your information comes up in search engine results.
14. Do not forget to include your LinkedIn profile link in other places like Twitter,
Digg, and other social media websites.
15. LinkedIn is also a useful employment tool, so if you’re hiring, use it to find
good employees.

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