slider1_image_sm“I am a Graphics Designer.” The words of so many who have picked up a copy of Photoshop, Corel, or Free software like Gimp or even Microsoft Paint. It is easy for many to think they are because they have edited an image or two, maybe touched up a family photo, however being a Graphic Designer Professionally takes time, training, experience and most of all an understanding what a Graphic Designer is.

So what is a Graphic Design really?

Graphic Design is the presentation and communication of Artistic imagery that conveys an idea, tells a story and puts together, text, images to communicate a specific message.

What is a Graphics Designer really?

It is an Artist who has a solid understanding of what it takes to make that message flow throughout a complete concept. It is a person who understands the use of images and colors to stimulate a persons imagination and it is a a professional who knows how to take your ideas and turn them into that message that will capture the imagination while leaving them with a lasting impression of your product and/or brand.

Graphics can be from simple icons on your website, to your Logo that brands your company. Take one look around you, I bet without even seeing the names of some things you know exactly what they are just by seeing the logo.

For example:






These are just a few logos that need no name on them for you to recognize who they are. This is an example of great Graphic Design that is followed up by proper marketing that has created a Brand that is without a doubt, unforgettable.

When it comes to your Company, Product and Brand, having a true professional work their Magic is worth the investment.

Next is taking that Brand and putting it to work on your website, marketing, print and promotions.

It is important to understand that colors make a great deal of difference in how you are marketed. It is not about what colors you like the best as much as it is what will appeal to your consumers. Your colors play a massive role in memory recall: stimulating all the senses and conveying a message like no other form of communication.

Choosing the right dominant color for your brand is possibly one of the most critical aspects. This color should appear on all your promotional materials, including your logo and product packaging. As much as possible, the color you choose should set you apart from all the others in your industry. You need to take into account the color psychology. Though somewhat complex it is important as colors can mean different things depending on culture, situation, industry even social standing.
You can search out the meanings of color, and in this blog there are other post that give those examples.

According to CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research, the average person makes a subconscious judgement about a product, another person, or the environment within 90 seconds. Between 62% and 90% of that judgement is based on color alone. So, we know color is a key factor.

People associate colors with different emotions and meanings. For a Professional Graphic Designer, this is very important and one of the reasons that you should seek to hire a Pro to help you with all your Graphic Design needs

“Color is an important consideration in your brand identity system.  Colors have a significant impact on people’s emotional state.  They also have been shown to impact people’s ability to concentrate and learn.  They have a wide variety of specific mental associations.  In fact, the effects are physiological, psychological, and sociological.For instance:•Non-primary colors are more calming than primary colors.
•Blue is the most calming of the primary colors, followed closely by a lighter red.
•Test takers score higher and weight lifters lift more in blue rooms.
•Blue text increases reading retention.
•Yellow evokes cheerfulness.  Houses with yellow trim or flower gardens sell faster. “
Just to name a few.

So take the time and spend the money to get the advice of a true Graphic Design Professional, Listen to their advice, be open to their ideas and understanding of what works and what does not. Try to forget what it is you feel you like and think more about the consumers you are trying to impress, allow the designers to open your mind to the world of Graphic Design and the wonderful and important tool it is in your arsenal for Marketing.

For more information, Speak to the Professionals here at Your Virtual Assistants. Setup a consultation with their Graphic Designer and the Marketing Specialist.

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