Content marketing is probably the single easiest traffic source online today. In fact, it has been for many years, but it has been overlooked.

First, a definition: Content marketing is the process of writing content online for the purpose of getting people to read it and take action on your site.

So why don’t people talk about “content marketing” that much, and yet many sites online drive almost ALL their traffic with content?

Well, I think one of the reasons is that content marketing is actually the root source of article marketing. You see, articles are just one little way to generate content online. And a few years ago, article marketing, as a content generation traffic method, became really popular because it was really easy to write the same article and post it on lots of article directories and 100s might post your article. But then Google got wise to it, and nixed the method of sending the same article to multiple places.

But… content marketing itself still works! In fact, it works better than ever, because you aren’t competing with thousands of article marketers that are writing the same junk over and over again.

Now, you have to write original content and have it manually approved by a human at a reputable website or blog.

So what are the steps to content marketing?

1) Find 10-20 top websites or blogs in your niche so that you have a stable of consistent sources where you can get your content published. You can even publish it on your own website. In fact, this is becoming easier and easier these days, as I believe Google is favoring smaller sites as long as you put good content on your site and get real people to read it. I can my method of finding the top 10-20 traffic sites in your niche, “holographic traffic”

2) Write several content pieces per day (aka articles or blog posts) and get them published on the 10-20 blogs or websites you found in step 1) above

3) Use Google – approved methods of getting humans to read your articles and link to them on your website. This can be done naturally, just telling people about your content and asking them if they like it to link to it. They can do this from their Facebook account, their Google plus account, or their Squidoo account. Or their website. or their blog. Or wherever they want to.

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