Many companies today are starting to ask this very question. With cutbacks taking main priority in most company balance sheets, hiring a Virtual Assistant may be a great alternative.

One if the greatest benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant Is the cost savings. You can still have the additional support that you are requiring to run your business but no longer are you and your company having to pay for vacation time, severance pay, payroll taxes, health insurance, software expenses, office equipment and upgrades, and even office space rentals can all be a thing of the past.

Today a Virtual Assistant can be a strategic partner in your business.

Many of them are highly specialized which means you can find the right person for the job quickly. With freelancing job listing website sites for Virtual Assistants it is now easier than ever to find the right VA for the job.

But what do you do when you find the right VA? Many companies still struggle on ways to use their Virtual Assistant the most efficiently. The hiring of a Virtual Assistant is very different than hiring an employee. It is important that you take the time to know all of the skills of your VA. Talk with them before you start working with them and find out how they can best help your businesses. Ask them for their ideas, you may be surprised with what they see are the short comings of your company’s business.

Have a Plan. Most companies never have a plan when they hire a Virtual Assistant. Many just expect the VA to be available to them whenever their need arises. While most VA do work on a per hour basis, most are not available all of the time to one client. Most are working for several clients at a time. It is important to map out a schedule of tasks with deadlines for the Virtual Assistant to do during the week. Send this list to the VA on Monday and allow them the time to follow up on the list on Friday. With this plan in place it will assure your company the best use of the VAs time and energy. This will allow them to properly set aside the time needed to finish your projects and get the job done right. Without this, you are asking the VA to put your stuff as a “fit in” basis, which rarely will meet your expectations.

Have a Goal. Make sure the VA has a complete understanding of what the goal is for their work. Taking the time to discuss this in the beginning of the working relationship will help the VA know where they fit in the big picture. A VA can be essential part of your business; they are highly trained professionals and should be treated as such. Most VAs are far more than just secretaries, and many spend good money each year being trained and certified in specialty niches each year. Making a goal for a VA to achieve will help keep the motivated and want to help your business succeed.

These are just a few thoughts on how to better hire a VA and to have the best working relationship with a VA. Keep in mind that hiring a skilled VA could be one of the best decisions you and your company can make and can also save your company thousands of dollars each year.

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