Losing Money from Leaks in Your Sales Funnels?

Your Are NOT Alone

Marketing a business does not have to be draining. Today, with the proper automation in place in your business, it can be fast and easy.

That is why Your Virtual Assistants is pleased to have partnered with Infusionsoft.

We not only have partnered with them, WE USE Infusionsoft. We KNOW it works first hand!

Don’t think you can afford it? Let’s really add it up…

Let’s just say you currently have the bare minimum in your marketing arsenal.

Newsletters and email marketing:   Aweber  $29+/month

CRM: Zoho $ 35/month per USER

Ecommerce: Woo Commerce with shipping or digital media plug ins  $299 a year

Software connection: Zappier   $100+ a month

That means you could be spending a minimum of $164 per MONTH and you STILL have to pay for the themes or software for your landing pages and sales pages plus the Virtual Assistant to manually track all of this data.

Now let’s count the times have you lost valuable data while “zapping” your data, the times appointments have been missed due to information not getting on calendars, payments skipped because of credit card expirations.

There really is a BETTER way! Step out of the 19th century and let us show you how automate your complete business so that you can save more time and make more money. After all, isn’t that why you are in business?

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