The biggest misconception that people who work from home such as virtual assistants and freelance writers and designers have is that they do not need to work on their leadership abilities compared to their 9 to 5 warrior counterparts.

But they are the very ones who have the most opportunity to maximize their leadership due to 1) their lack of a superior, 2) lack of hours they need to strictly lock in, and 3) their ability to change their workloads as they wish.

Here are specific ways for virtual assistants to take the next step when it comes to leadership skills:

1. Read more books

Sharpening the ax never ends and reading is one of the best ways to do so. Every article on executives lists reading as their number one activity that helps them be a step ahead of the pack and be aligned with their purpose.

Business books such as those that are into customer service or even biographies can help them be inspired to take stock of their lives and provide better output to their clients. Magazines and trade-specific literature is also a great way to stay updated in the industry they are in.

2. Attend seminars on leadership and finance

Attending forums and talks are always a networking opportunity aside from the learnings that they can glean from the speakers. Being out with people in the same industry provides them with an idea as to their hours and pay. Think of it as benchmarking to ensure that they are at par with the rest of them.

Finance seminars are also important as it creates in them the idea that there is more to life than simply doing the work that pays weekly or monthly. Creating wealth is the name of the game of leaders and virtual assistants and they can tap into this power for themselves as well.

3. Outsource their work

Creating more leaders is the best way to be one. Virtual assistants, especially those who have been in the industry and have a cadre of clients, can create jobs for other people as well. They can hone others into becoming successful virtual assistants as themselves and they can also become thought leaders in the subject by coming up with blogs or webinars.

Doing so is a winner in all aspects: they get to provide job opportunities to other people and at the same time, increase their profile, making them the virtual assistant of choice – something a great leader is ought to do.

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