Google is changing yet again…. If you have not heard, Google Penguin is the latest in the search engine changes for Google. This antilogarithm is suppose to help “clean” the search sites and help you better find more relevant information.

As most of us know, backlinking and SEO are, and will always be, important in your ranking on the search engines. Most of us have used the methods of making this happen by article posting and spinning. Changes are now being made that will make backlinking harder when Google makes the final switch from Panda to Penguin. Gone are the days of spinning articles to show as new content and post on a thousand sites.  Gone are the days of being able to take the easy way out for your web content and SEO. With Google Penguin, your content will now have to be seen as at least 85% new content.

Penguin will also be looking at how often the content on your site is changing. This will now make blogging more important. The more frequent your posts are, the better the chance your site will gain higher rankings. Actually this will stop the practice of people creating  “landing” sites that are affiliate selling sites that are ranked number one by making hundreds or thousand of links and then never touching the site once they are number one.  This will mean that people will now have to be engaged in their websites.

Penguin will now be looking at your site and verify your backlinks are to a good reputable site. Also they will be checking to see what is the quality and relevance to your keywords and how they pertain to your niche site. There will be no more keyword stuffing (Which is the practice of loading as many keywords in your site to move you in the rankings). This will also allow a more level playing field, we believe, to the rankings.

As far as  the SEO part, we encouraged you to still use keywords, but be selective use high quality and very relevant ones on your sites.

So in closing,  although  you will need to put a bit more effort in to your web content and SEO, the Penguin changes will help improve your website and now force you to keep it “fresh”.

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