Okay let’s talk about that question for a minute..Shall we?

We all are supposed to have a built in filter that let’s us know what is okay to share and what is not.

Or I guess I should say, most of us have this, because I am quickly learning not all do…Or if they do, theirs must be broken.

I am sure you are asking yourselves what does he mean by this.

I am going to tell you right now.

My human parents handle SM ( social media) for their company, as well as their clients’, so they see these channels all the time.

And what they are seeing is people that are sharing way too much for the WHOLE WORLD to see.

Now do not get me wrong I love to share holiday pics, pics of my bones and toys. Like most of you know,  I love having my picture taken and sharing that.

What I am talking about is those who share things like when they go to the bathroom, out to eat or even more personal things.

Or horrible things that should not be done much less share to the world. I mean let’s be real, we all know the world can be a sucky place.There are bad people in the world, but please do not feel the need to share all of your darkness with us.

Not only is this what I would consider TMI but it can also be danergous.

A new study has proven that a lot of robberies are taking place because people are posting their every move, which is letting the bad guys know when it is time to go clean them out.

I am not saying do not share on your social media, all I am saying is use your filter. Remember, once it is out there, people have seen and shared it, it is hard to remove.

Till next week. Emmy

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