Hello again it is me Emmy .My sisters and I have tried to be really good this year, we were not always successful at that, but then again who’s perfect right? So where should we begin, hum mm? My sister Tuesday (she is the little weight challenged black and white dog) would like to talk about getting a special Queen throne because somebody convinced her she was the queen of this kingdom, little does she know I am the King and Emperor so I out rank her. What my sister Chiquita and I think is that Tuesday should get a gym membership or a subscription to Jenny Craig (but please do not tell her that.) My sister Chiquita( the other black and white dog in case you forgot) would like to have a new sweater, she gets cold a lot in the winter, and let’s face it she is kind of a spoiled princess but then I am sure you already know that without my having to explain it. She would also like to discuss the possibility of not getting her toes wet when it rains and she has to go outside. I tried to tell her she was talking with the wrong guy for that one but you know how girls are. I guess that just leaves me, and as you know I am pretty easy to please.  I would like to have a bone or maybe two and I would like my family (and parents) to be happy. Oh I almost forgot would it be possible to get a pool next year, so I do not have to pretend the sprinkler is a pool because to be honest it is so not the same thing.

Thanks Santa for reading this and Merry Christmas,


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