Okay, so another year has come and is almost gone. As I sit here on the floor in one of my mom’s offices and listen to my sisters snore and my parents little keys things on their desk I am taking time to reflect on the year.

I am sure you know all things as you are Santa but in case you were busy and missed something here are the highlights:

We moved to a new house after Christmas, which you know is always fun, new smells new sights new stuff to chase in my yard. As most animals do not ask if the can visit they just show up.

One set of my parents went away to help a friend, and it seems like they were gone forever but they are back now. Just between us I really missed them. And my sisters are both happy again, which makes me happy but I would never tell them that, then they might think I like them or something.

I had to go to the puppy doctor, which did not make me happy, but my ears hurt, he made them better and I found out I like him. Not that I am looking to go back anytime soon.

Then it was quiet until my parents all went for a short trip over Thanksgiving holidays. We did not get a vote if they went but it was okay we had a pretty cool lady stay with us, so not all bad. But maybe if you get a chance you could talk to them about asking us about this leaving us behind thing.

My dad and both moms all put up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, and I supervised to ensure it was done to the highest of standards.

And that is all the major highlights for the year, just in case you missed one or two.

I cannot say my sisters and I have been great but we have not been horrible either, so maybe you could stop by and leave a bone or two for Christmas that would be great.

Oh and by the way please do not forget my other sisters and brothers, they are loud but my mom says I have to love them, something about family and all. They all might like a new perch for the cage or a treat stick. And for the two I watch float and swim in the tank maybe a new toy or something cool.

By the way… We know that we are lucky to have been adopted by a loving family, we would like to ask that many other families do the same. If not we hope that will help out another friend in need. Click here!

I guess that about does it for this year.

Thanks Santa,

Much Love,

Emmy, Tuesday, Chiquita, All the birdies, and the fish

(Also not OUR idea for this picture but makes our parents smile and we all love them.)

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