There was a time when customer service was the key to any good and successful business. You would see and talk with your clients directly and handle any transactions and problem in person.
Those times have changed. With the creation of the internet and the start of internet business, who would have known that the internet would grow like wildfire? Today. with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Medias and review sites, business now have additional tools to grow and maximize both clients and sales.
Now with all the online tools, many people and companies are seeing less and less of their clients face to face. With all this new web 2.0 stuff available to the business owner or customer out there; does customer service still rank high in importance?


Simply put, Yes! Applications will not ever take the place of a happy satisfied customer. You may make a sale or gain a client by using the new technology, but if the client has an issue or a problem it is important to remember to take the time to address them on a personal note.  The client will not continue to be a client  or worse the client can kill your business with just one Tweet or Bad post!


This is something for you to stop and think about the next time you make a sale on the internet.  Taking the client’s money is not the end of the sale!  The key to any success is always customer satisfaction!

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