People have this attitude towards businesses: if it can’t be searched online (first page at that), then it does not exist. Such is the reality that companies face today as more and more people are accessing information at their fingertips with the widespread availability of internet access and low priced gadgets.

If they do not ride this wave, surely, competitors can quickly catch up and take over the market or niche that they are not serving. The first thing to do is to set up a good company website that instantly makes for a good footprint online and is one of the biggest online spaces that the company can invest in and profit from for the years to come.

Here are some tips to building a company website that pays off:

1. Make it easy for the visitor to contact you

Creating a separate page for the contact information of the company is the primary requirement for any professional website. This ensures that potential clients can quickly inquire about products and services wherever they are.

The list may include a working company landline, an email address (which a real person does receive and respond to), a social media page, and an office address for traditional correspondence.

2. Well-written content

As they say, design is queen but content is still king. Poor grammar and composition do not only reflect severely against the company, but also creates space for misunderstanding. The number one reason for a company website to exist in the first place is to communicate the many ways people should do business with it. With bad writing, it tells people that the company simply just does not deserve anyone’s time as they obviously cannot be bothered with their own reputation.

What is well-written content? Well-written content is content that clearly conveys what your clients need to know about your company. Perfect grammar and composition are just the minimum requirements. You need to write content that’s substantial, relevant and helpful to your readers. You also need the content to be SEO-optimized. It needs to use keywords that your target market uses to locate your business.

3. Cross linking to social media sites.

Another off shoot of a website is the company Facebook page, Twitter and in some cases, Instagram and Snapchat sites. These make the company more human and easy to interact with. It also makes the brand more engaging and current. However, if you are maintaining a social media page, you need to update it regularly and respond to messages and inquiries immediately. Questions that don’t get answered gives clients an impression that you don’t care about them.

4. Easy to navigate

One key ingredient in a great website is if it’s optimized for all kinds of gadgets including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. People today are more connected than ever which makes them all the more impatient.

Can you imagine needing to zoom in or out just to check a website? It’s every competitive company’s nightmare. So invest correctly in a website and let it pay dividends in the long run.

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