Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that even though you are talking, nobody is really hearing you?

What about a situation where you are really not asked for your thoughts, or asked as an afterthought?

Or, what about a time when there’s an obvious problem – with a client or colleague – and yet no one seems to be bothered by it except you?

We’ve all been there in business and in life. Here are some tips for dealing with it:

Tip #1: Use the Five-Minute Rule

The Five-Minute Rule is this:

If it won’t matter in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about it.

The same is true in business. This is the first step in understanding when it is worth putting in the extra effort and when it is just better to let it go.

If you know that your opinion or thoughts on a matter are not going to be really heard or not make a difference then let it go, why waste the energy?

Tip #2: Determine a Solution

If you’re truly being wronged, or if there’s a problem that will indeed still be a problem in five years, it’s your duty to find a solution. Let’s be honest: Nobody is going to stand up for you but yourself sometimes.

If you vent or simply point at the problem, then it might not change anything. You may feel better knowing you expressed your feelings, but that problem still exists.

Instead, offer a solution.

Tip #3: Consider the Context of the Situation

What level of authority do you have? How does this problem affect the larger group of people, or the company? Do you have any supporters or alliances you could solicite for back-up for your solution?

Tip #4: Do a Gut-Check and Make Sure It’s a Battle Worth Fighting

If you can’t provide a solution, and can’t find anyone who would back you up, maybe it’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. Take a deep breath – maybe even sleep on it – and then consider retreating. Sometimes doing nothing is the solution.




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