5176ecc38aaa762fc89cdcd51adf864c6add1_640Building the reputation of a new business can seem like an upward struggle. When you’re new to the market, securing customers is a challenge that will only ease with time; customers and clients will get to know your company and respect your work but only after several interactions. To help speed up the process of becoming a ‘respected company’, there are some key areas to focus on:

Customer service

When you want to become highly respected in your field, attention to your customer service is vital. In a time where your competitor is only one click away, and there is always someone doing the job cheaper, you need to ensure that the way you treat your customers will help you stand out from the rest. Customer service isn’t just about how your staff interact with your customers face-to-face, it’s about all the other little interactions in-between: on the phone, via email, via social media. Every element of your business should bear the customer in mind, from your website to your office space.

Employee relationships

If you want people to respect your organisation, your employees need to highly respect your business and each other too. Good relationships in the workplace are key to productivity and the ability to communicate freely also needs to be encouraged. If all your staff value their job and the core mission of your company, it will be much easier to show that you are a business with principles and high-standards of practice. It is hard for clients and customers to take a company seriously when not all members of the team are enthused by how that company works.

Business insurance

Business insurance is often be overlooked, but having the right policies in place will help put your customers minds at rest that should any issues arise whilst dealing with you, they will be protected. It is particularly important that you have public and employee liability insurance.

Equipment standards

No matter what your business sector, the standard of your equipment will impact on the quality of your work; so high standards of equipment is essential in building a great reputation. This is particularly true of trade and construction industries where sub-standard tools can actually be dangerous. If you don’t use physical equipment, think about the standards of your online tools like your website and email systems or your computer software packages – are they helping you to provide an optimum customer experience? Testing your equipment is a good way of managing your standards and improving your overall job. For example you could hire quality sound level monitoring to ensure your work on a construction site is staying to the legal minimum.

Workplace environment

Whether your company is office or retail based, the workplace needs to be a space in which both employees and potential customers can be comfortable. When your conference rooms or shop-front are cluttered, dirty or Un-finished, this reflects badly on your business practice as a whole. People dealing with your company for the first time will make judgement based on visual clues, if your workplace is run-down, perhaps your service standards are also lacking?

Staff appearance

Following on from the visual clues given in your workplace, consider how your staff appearance can affect the reputation of your business. Ensure that you have an appropriate dress code in place or choose smart and respectable uniforms that help create the overall impression that you would like people to take away when dealing with you.


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