Happiness of employees must be the top priority in running a successful business and its growth. A top manager must make workers his/her top priority and a mantra to succeed ahead. Each employee must feel valued at the organization but not just another worker. You can retain your best employees by offering full benefits as well as bonuses and awards for their hard work and customer service.

There also a famous saying by creator of Marriott Hotels that sums it all. “Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers.” – J. Willard Marriott


Professional Workplace

The maintenance of a proper professional workplace environment is a must for employees to conduct day to day business. The well managed work desk can help the employ in outputting best task for your company. Keeping the work place neat and tidy is a must. Because nobody likes litters around themselves. Employees are likely to be more productive in an organized surrounding versus a cluttered, dirty environment. Ensure employees have an adequate, well-lit parking area and break rooms, as well as outdoor smoking areas, if necessary or possible.


Better Opportunities for Advancement

Encourage your staffs with promotions scheme whenever possible to further encourage hard work and company loyalty from employees. An employee is more likely to give his best when advancement opportunities exist and he/she can see a bright future going ahead with the company, instead of working day-in-and-day-out in a position that offers no chance to excel or advance. Give employees opportunities to expand their knowledge and keep them up-to-date with new technology updates by paying for conference, seminars and education courses, and providing updated training manuals. Provide them motivational speech bringing in Motivational GURUS.

Give them the best chance for their personal growth.



Additional Benefits

Pay them for medical and dental plans. Include paid days off for them in company’s CALENDER as well as other necessities. Make them realize the company is interested not only in employees’ current needs, but also in helping provide a secure retirement with best retirement plans in offer. Including performance incentives will all be a major boost to taking good care of your employee. Distribute yearly bonuses to employees.


Good Communication

Maintaining of communication is a must. Maintain an open-door policy which can lead to encouragement of employees to approach their managers to discuss problems or conflicts. Direct the managers to provide encouragement and constructive criticism and to correct unprofessional behavior. Also minimize misunderstanding by ensuring that all employees must abide by the hierarchy of command inside the office. It will make everyone clear who reports to whom.

Recreation Facility

Provide opportunities such as holiday parties and company picnics on timely basis throughout the year for employees to relax and bond with co-workers outside the office environment. Encourage employees to bring their spouses and children to gatherings as a sign that the company values their employees’ family connections. It will give staffs a signal that ‘COMPANY CARES’. It can be yet another major boosting factor to the business.

It will also be a way to thank your employees for their service.

Above all LOVE them, THANK them.


About the Author:

Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur has been active in the field of IT Outsourcing, Web services, Hydrogeological and GIS services since past 5 years. Since launching businesses as the Founder and CEO of UIZ Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum GmbH in Berlin and Thakur International in Kathmandu, Nepal Dr. Thakur has created websites for service-based businesses. For more information you can connect with Dr. Thakur on thakurintl.com and uizentrum.de if you need expertise in IT and Web services.


Notes: Graphics provided via http://www.pixabay.com

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