Where to start I know it has been a little bit since you have heard from me but I have been busy, you know I have a life too. J

I have had squirrels to chase and puppy spa days to attend, it is hard being the king in my house. And now this week gets really busy for me but in a great way.

My human grandfather is a retired US Marine pilot and just between you and I he is truly awesome. So the 10th of Nov. is big for us as we make sure to celebrate him and all he has done to serve his country. (For those who do not know- November 10th is the offical US Marine Corps Birthday)

But wait if that was not enough then the 11th of Nov. in our house is even a special day times two. First off we have Veteran’s Day which is super special to our family since as I have said one of my human grandfathers is retired Marine. My other human grandfather is retired from the Army, I have not met him but if he is like my mom, I know I would love him on sight. And if that was not enough one of my human dads served in the Army as well. So you can see we are super patriotic in our home.

But wait there is more one of my human moms (Johnna) also has her birthday on the 11th, so we kind of get to double celebrate. Since it is a holiday, we get to sleep in a little later. She will make sure to give me the proper amount of chest rubs before we get up for coffee. And since it is her birthday, she will get a kiss, which is a big deal as they are reserved for special occasions only.

But the point to this whole thing, other than letting you know what I have been up too, is to say this year make sure to say Thank you to those who went that extra mile and made the sacrifice so you could have the freedoms you enjoy and the life you live.

Today we are asking that those of you that wish to make a small donation to K9s for Warriors:

K9s for Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post 9/11. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence. K9s for Warriors is a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization. https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=e165182&id=4

Let’s show our vets how we appreciate them not just this week but always.

Till next week. Emmy

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