Many times we have wanted to post some content on our fan page on the popular social network Facebook. In this article you will read a number of tips to upload a link to the Facebook fan page.

On several occasions I observed a number of errors when publishing content:

  •   Exposed links – They are very long and cover too much space. Shorten the links using one of several URL shortening services.
  •  Absence of Corporate Brand in the title of content – Links should be personalized in line with the corporate brand or, alternatively, you can place the Hashtag Corporate.
  •  Absent content description – This should be brief and give an idea of the topic of the content that is being published.
  • Irrelevant Image – The picture shows it has nothing to do with the content.
  •  No Image – All content must be accompanied by an image that shows the theme of the content. If there is no image there are many free download sites. As a last resort you should use your corporate or company logo. NEVER leave the contents without an image.
  • Absence of a Corporate Hashtag – Your creation must respond to corporate identity.


Here is what you should do to create the “Perfect Post”

1 – Enter the link you post. Seconds later the title, link and description will appear.

2 – Delete the link you copied. The thumbnail and description will not disappear

3 – Customize the title content.

4 – Customize or improve the content description.

5 – Write the main topic of the content (in the same place you deleted the link). Do not forget to use hashtags or corporate name.

6 – Look through the images that appear in the image box, select one of them. Remember that you must have a close relationship with the subject of content.

7 – If you have no picture to show you can upload one by clicking “Upload picture”. Make selection from a file on your browser or computer, or you may use an image that represents the corporate identity of your company.


Seems simple enough!  Try it and you too can post like a Pro!!

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