When creating a brand or to enhance your sales through social media, an effective method has been promoting your brand on Twitter. Many brands use Twitter in different ways depending on the needs of the company:

Listen:  there are brands that use Twitter to know more information about their customers or potential customers and know their opinion about their services.

Communication: many companies use Twitter to communicate their news or their products and make themselves known.

Customer Service: Each time this function gains more strength because, thanks to changing user attitudes, this type of care is now required. The brands that are using this channel to resolve any issues their customers may have are gaining customer loyalty and feelings towards these brands tend to be more positive

Sales: Some companies, especially large companies, use specific accounts to show offers and discounts on their products to encourage sales.

When promoting your brand in this social environment it is very important to consider some guidelines to see it grow.

1-    Appearance and Name of the Account

It is very important that the name we put on our Twitter account is the brand name you represent. If we can avoid using acronyms that would improve the understanding and the brand is installed in the brain (branding). Besides the name, you have to create an image of this brand which is consistent with both the website and the profiles that we have in other media such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

2-    Avoid mass following

It is true that initially, users always should follow references in the sector in which your brand or company conducts business but avoid going crazy, following indiscriminately or following people around the world who follow us.
A method you can use to get followers is to promote your Twitter account through your website, with buttons that incite people to become a follower.

3-    Do not spam
Avoid speaking exclusively about your brand or constant messages about your products or services. It is important to add value, share information that your users will find productive and positive. If you want to focus an account on direct sales indicate in the name so that users know they are going to follow an account that sends promotions so not to damage the image of the company.

4-    Make your Brand human
Avoid creating that distance between your users and you, approach them, they know you’re there, as if the brand were a person. It is very important and great results have been obtained when the brand is close and warm. Of course, this method is not valid for all sectors, but for most it will work.

5-    Advertising on Twitter
As with most social networks you can create ads on Twitter called Sponsored Tweets, which have a cost per click (CPC) and will improve your ability to spread the word of your brand more quickly and selectively.

These are just some tips that can help you when promoting your brand. The most important thing is to be consistent and clearly define the strategy to be followed.

Can you think of any advice more to promote a brand in this environment?

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