When you go to publish newsletters to your list, you should always keep a few things in mind. You want to engage them and keep them interested in you, your products and what you have to say. Remember that being interesting and informative goes a long way. Keep it mixed up and keep it to your niche.

Consider when you write:

Keep to the theme

Remember that your material need to tie in to what your niche or theme is. You don’t want to go outside of that very often if ever or your readers are going to get confused and unsubscribe. Don’t be afraid to talk about things closely related. If you can tie it to your niche it can be talked about. Just don’t wander too far off. Your readers came to you as they are interested in what you have to offer. Don’t change that.

Rich and exciting

Well written and rich in informative content that keeps them coming back for more. Make sure everything is checked for errors and looks professional. Unless you niche deals with stories and fiction, use facts that can be backed up.


If you provide articles or products that do not stand up to claims you provided, you will quickly loose reputation you have built. Make sure facts are on your side. If people are dissatisfied they will talk about their dissatisfaction to others which will lose you potential sales.

Keep it new

Nothing is worse than reading about old information when you are hoping for new. If you cannot provide material that is fresh, your subscribers will go elsewhere. This of course means you’re going to have to keep up-to-date yourself.

Be mindful of plagiarism

Keep in mind what you use for your articles that you are not just copy and pasting another’s words exactly. There are ways to take an article and rewrite it with the same information and it be your own. Not only does this keep things in your voice, but you don’t lose your reputation in the process. And that’s the upside, you could also get sued which can have a big impact on your business. If you do not have time to write, hire people to write for you.

Who wants to make profit?

I know that’s a silly question, but it grabbed your attention. I am sure you’re excited to get things going and start making money like so many other success stories. Jumping in feet first isn’t really the way to go, just yet. There are a few little things you should make sure first.

Do they trust you?

I know I may have mentioned this a few times, but trust is such a precious thing! Especially if you expect people to give you money. A simple newsletter an expert does not make. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: research. Know what the niche likes, needs and wants. And fill it. Forums as you know, is a great place to start research of this kind.

What do they want?

Can you provide a service and product they’re looking for? The age old question. Once you find what they want, can you give it to them. Provide your subscribers with material they can use and spread the word around. This can be something simple or something grand. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, just make it better or easier to use.

Be friendly

Making friends with other list users is quite beneficial. Especial the people who have launched successful lists. They have already jumped and know what is working for them. You can read about tips and tricks all over the internet, but sometimes it’s best to get it from someone who is currently, actively doing opt in lists successfully.

They can tell you what really works, what works now and what others haven’t blogged about yet. They’ll also tell you if that “popular” method everyone is blogging is actually worthless or not. And you will have some people to bounce things off of when you find great things that work.

Have patience.

Rome was neither built or destroyed in a single night. Making good profit is going to be about the same. Stick to a way for a few months before you think about changing it. If you keep changing things around, you’ll never truly know what is working and what is not. Hire outside help if you need it and do your best to listen to your subscribers and others in your niche.

Show good form.

This goes beyond just making sure all of your material is in the correct formatting. This also means making sure the web opt-in form you have follows the end of any content. Be honest in what you plan to offer them via their email address.

Keep your website updated.

You’re not going to get many people jumping to subscribe if you don’t have a good first impression. You really only have one shot so make sure it’s great. Don’t clutter up your site with a lot of different things. Make sure people can see what it is about clearly and have some good well written materials already available. Remember that text loads quicker than images, so keep the images small and sparse.

Don’t be one of those.

Provide a need and make it good. Don’t send out products that do not last or end up not doing what they were promised they’d do. While you could technically do many of these types of “businesses” they are cheap and don’t bring in a whole lot of money. Better idea is always think in the long run.

Respect privacy.

Always respect your subscribers privacy. This is another trust issue and you may believe they won’t know who “sold” their email address, you might be unpleasantly surprised. Your reputation is everything. When your customers trust you they will reward you with their loyalty. Many internet users have gone to great lengths in protecting their email accounts from spam mail.

Some more on trust.

You need people to trust you if you plan on building a good opt-in list. The quicker people trust you, the bigger your list can grow quickly. There is a great lack of disregard for people’s privacy on the internet. Feel great that you’re able to get strangers to trust you with their email address.

The trust comes with expertise.

People like to rely on other people who know what they are talking about. If you do business with a person who you trusted to know what they are talking about and it ends up that they didn’t, you’re likely not only to not do business with them again, but you’re not going to trust them either. Know your niche. Cannot stress that enough. Know what it is you are selling and the information you are sharing.

Don’t just talk the talk.

Anyone can make grand claims behind a keyboard. You need to show your clients you can keep any promises you have made to them. This is where informative articles can really help. Videos as you can imagine will also help show you aren’t just another keyboard boaster.

Guarantees go a long way, guaranteed.

Hype you your products and services and provide guarantees. More satisfied customers mean a larger probability that you’ll be recommended to others. You automatically get the trust of the people recommended to you as they will generally trust someone they know.


In 2003 President George W. Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act bill into law to stop the onslaught of spam that was landing in everyone’s inbox. It was updated in 2008. Many people are not aware of this bill and do not know what laws they may be breaking with their opt-in lists. I’ll break it down for you here.

Readers must know where your email is coming from.

This focuses on the transparency of where the emails come from. The ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘Reply to’ labels must tell the recipient where it came from. This will need to be your or your business’ name.

It must have an honest subject line.

Subject lines should always reflect what is in the email. You cannot be deceptive here. If you are going to have the subject line “Open to claim….” Then the recipient better be able to claim that something.

Recognize you’re sending an ad.

This goes with the permission sending. You should never cold email anyone, especially with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Make sure each and every email on your list has signed up for your list. Send out a “Verify Subscription” email to stay on the safe and jail and fine free side of things.

Tell them where you are.

Each email must contain the postal address for you or your business. This shows that the business is credible and offers another way for your recipients to opt out of the emails.

Opt -Out Option must be easy.

You MUST provide an easy opt-out. You have to give this option to unsubscribe in every single message you send out. Most businesses provide them at the bottom of the emails, so that is where people go to look for it. Don’t get “sneaky” and place it in a different place in each message.

Honor the opt-out requests quickly.

If someone wants off your list, you have 10 days to make sure they are off it. You cannot charge any fees or ask for any personal information or sell the person’s information for opting out either.

Monitor what others do for you.

If you hire another company to manage your list, you are responsible for any of the laws they break. Make sure they are following the law or do it yourself. Remember that it doesn’t matter who puts the emails out if that From line has your name and business.

Use good judgment and keep in mind what you hate to receive yourself from the lists you’ve signed up for. Make sure if nothing else, you follow the CAN-SPAM Act and any other laws from any other country you may have subscribers.

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