Today I am thankful that my loving family let me write this post.

My Name is Emeril, Emmy for short. Some times I am called the Slinkenstein but I am not for sure why.

That’s me slinked up on the couch, under the covers with my favorite pillow. One of the things I am thankful for; pillows and lazy mornings.

As thanksgiving is rapidly approaching I wanted to list all the things I am thankful for and maybe you are thankful for these things too.

I am Thankful for;

There is family and friends and warm homemade treats.

Dinner at Home, and a Home where I eat.

Time to play in the sun, though now it is dark by seven.

A God that believes all Dogs go to heaven.

Places to lay my head when I want to be lazy.

Play dates with my Sisters where we all can go crazy.

When it is cold, there is a warm sunny spot.

The cool breeze when the summer is hot.

The trash men to bark at when I want someone to scare.

My sisters to join me , Cause they are a fun pair.

Leftovers at Thanksgiving as I will eat like a King.

And just for this blog, I have one last thing.

It is people like you that share in this love.

With your family and friends and our God up above.

Whether you know it or not I am just one thankful pup.

Happy Thanksgiving and a Hardy WHAT’s UP!



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